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Joyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy was born in the Mississippi Delta and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Her career as a singer began at the age of 16, dubbed by the Chicago Radio with her first #1 single (I STILL LOVE YOU) as "16 years old with a hundred years of soul!"

Joyce’s next #1 singles (BABY LOVE & LOVE CHANGES) came years later with the forming of the fusion rock funk band MOTHERS FINEST that she formed with her husband, Glenn Murdock.  As the singer in this unit, she earned the title "FUNK METAL ROCK SOUL DIVA" through her approach to her stage presence and vocal stylings! Once you’ve heard Joyce's voice, you remember it. It embraces you, touches you. She’s honest and makes you feel like you wanna know her! One minute full of rocket fuel the next you’re wrapped in the warmth of her heart!

With all the years being a part of MOTHERS FINEST, Joyce Kennedy will venture out to sing with an Orchestra for ROCK MEETS CLASSIC  in March of 2020 through Europe.

There is more to tell about Joyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy, but we’ll get to it later. ️️

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